Post Fire Erosion Control in Ventura, California

Since the Fire, Acacia’s crews have been busy stabilizing and containing sediment on approximately 400 home lots in Ventura, where the homes were completely destroyed.
Numerous Federal, State, and Local Agencies were involved in the massive effort to remove fire debris, which included many forms of toxic waste.

Once lots were cleared, Acacia’s crews stepped in to stabilize exposed soils on the home pads by spraying green Hydro-mulch fiber and tackifier (glue) onto the bare soils. The coating of fibers absorbs the impact of the raindrops and prevents soil particles from dislodging. In dry and windy weather, it provides effective Dust Control.
Each home pad was encircled with “Straw Wattles” that contained runoff and trapped sediment. At higher rainfall rates, the Straw Wattles act like filters, holding back loose soil and sediment so that only clean water leaves the site and enters the drainage system.
No attempt was made to establish vegetation (permanent erosion control), as residents are already underway with their re-construction efforts. The same ingredients; Hydro-mulch fibers, tackifier, and water, are combined with special Seed Mixes and soil boosters to re-vegetate steep slopes in the Fire area.



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