Erosion Control Netting, Blankets & Jute Mesh

Erosion control netting, jute mesh, and blankets (also referred to as “Rolled Erosion Control Products”) offer immediate protection of steep slopes with a biodegradable armor against sediment displacement caused by the fall of raindrops. Natural fibers such as jute and coconut allow the netting to break down over time as a vegetative cover is re-established. For increased stabilization, netting can be combined with hydroseed, hydromulch, rice straw, wattles or native container plants.


  • Provides immediate protection from surface erosion.
  • Helps retain soil moisture improving seed germination and vegetation establishment.

Jute mesh utilizes the long, soft, shiny vegetable fibers of the jute plant which are spun into coarse, strong threads. Jute is one of the cheapest natural fibers and Jute mesh products are locally available, inexpensive, lightweight, biodegradable, and commonly used in the erosion control industry.

Coconut netting is comprised of coconut fibers which are a natural, organic medium with greater oxygen and water holding capacity than other rolled erosion control products. This is why Coconut netting is the preferred rolled erosion control product of the California Department of Transportation.

Erosion control blanket products are engineered by combining a variety of biodegradable materials such as jute, coconut fiber, and straw to provide long-term protection and vegetation establishment. Erosion control blankets are designed to give immediate protection and assist with vegetation establishment, then degrade once the vegetation’s root and stem systems are mature enough to stabilize the soil.


Prior to installation, the slope must be cleared of rocks and debris that may lift blankets above the soil, allowing erosion to occur between the blanket and the soil surface.

This method is a surface treatment only – unlikely to improve compacted, nutrient depleted, or poorly draining soils which are necessary to ensure vigorous long term vegetative cover.

For optimum erosion control, consider using with Hydroseed, Bonded Fiber Matrix, rice straw or straw wattles. To treat sites with compacted, nutrient depleted, or poorly draining soils, consider combining this treatment with local topsoil or compost.

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