Native Revegetation

Native revegetation is an important feature of development in California as a way of restoring native habitats, improving soil health and protecting local watersheds. Established vegetation is one of the most effective defenses against erosion.

Our projects have ranged from riparian restoration, roadside revegetation, revegetation for residential slope stabilization, beautification and environmental mitigation.

The Role of Revegetation in Erosion Control:

Established vegetation helps with erosion control by protecting the soil surface from raindrop impact soil erosion, sheet flow erosion, and wind erosion. Plant roots work their way deep into the soil, anchoring and improving soil texture and infiltration. The adequate vegetative cover helps to slow, sink, and spread water, reducing runoff and replenishing the water table.

A diverse plant and seed selection have the potential to add a variety of benefits to your landscape. In addition to erosion control, appropriate planting can also provide habitats to local wildlife, attract beneficial pollinators, improve soil quality and reduce water requirements. With proper design and maintenance, vegetation can also help provide the first line of defense against wildfires.

Why plant with California natives?

Native plants are perfectly suited to California’s climate, soil, and wildlife. With appropriate plant selection, California natives typically require less water and maintenance than non-native species and help preserve California’s incredible biodiversity. Many native plants are drought tolerant, great for erosion control and can thrive in a wide range of soils.

Whether you are looking for a drought tolerant lawn alternative, a native meadow or hardy shrubs to hold back a hillside, we can work with local seed suppliers to develop a seed mix catered to the needs of your landscape.

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