Erosion Control, Slope Stabilization, Rock Fall Mitigation and Retaining Walls

Acacia has taken on some of the most challenging slopes in California, ranging from large-scale tunnel and bridge projects to failing coastal slopes and bluffs.

  • Bonded Fiber Matrix hydraulically applied with hydroseeder
  • Earthguard Fiber Matrix hydraulically applied with hydroseeder
  • Compost applied pneumatically with Express Blower Truck or hydraulically with hydroseeder
  • Straw blown with state-of-the-art strawblower
  • Dust control products hydraulically applied with hydroseeder
  • Rolled Erosion Control Products such as coconut netting, jute netting, straw blanketing and excelsior blanketing
  • Wattles and Fiber Rolls
  • Silt Fencing installed with state-of-the-art silt-fencing plow
  • Sand and gravel bags
  • Drainage Inlet Protection Devices
  • Earthwork: re-grading, terracing, soil compaction, excavation
  • Post and Wire Revetments
  • Retaining Walls: tieback, soil nail, foundation stem walls, post driving
  • Rockfall Mitigation: Rock Drapery, Cable Net Systems, Rock Catchment Fences, High Scaling

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