• Hydroseeding & Drill Seeding

      Hydroseeding & Drill Seeding

      Hydroseeding and hydromulching is a cost-effective for planting and securing large areas with minimal soil disturbance. Install an area of turf, drought tolerant lawn alternative, or encourage the growth of native shrubs and grasses to stabilize a slope.

    • Erosion Control Netting, Straw Blankets

      Erosion Control Netting, Straw Blankets

      Provides immediate protection from surface erosion. Acacia has taken on some of the most challenging slopes in California, ranging from large-scale tunnel and bridge projects to failing coastal slopes and bluffs.

    • Post-Fire Erosion Control

      Post-Fire Erosion Control

      If your site has been affected by wildfire, and potential erosion is a threat to life or property, we recommend scheduling a free visit to determine the appropriate measures to put in place, ideally before winter rains.

    • Retaining Walls

      Retaining Walls

      Retaining walls keeps soil, rock and water in place so that it won’t be washed away, preventing erosion. They are a way to increase the usable space on a sloped location and can turn an unusable slope into a terrace ready for landscaping.

    • Rice Straw, Compost & Bark Mulch

      Rice Straw, Compost & Bark Mulch

      Rice straw, compost and bark mulch are used to protect soil from erosion and improve soil health. Healthy soil encourages good structure and the establishment of vegetation which provides one of the best, long term defenses against erosion.

    • Native Revegetation

      Native Revegetation

      Native revegetation is an important feature of development in California as a way of restoring native habitats, improving soil health and protecting local watersheds. Established vegetation is one of the most effective defenses against erosion.

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